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September 18 2017

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Just look at how excited she is…
Cute ass little something something 😏

September 14 2017

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September 12 2017

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The harder they fuck my ass the better I feel about myself. That’s because most of the time I feel like shit about myself. I feel like I’m a piece of shit human who doesn’t deserve to be on this earth. So I might as well spend the time that I have here getting my asshole banged out by the biggest cocks I can find. 

I look for the most sadistic guys out there, the ones that won’t panic when they hear my screams of pain, the ones that will hammer my ass harder and harder as I beg them to stop. The more I cry for mercy, the more they hold me in place, the deeper they stab with their cocks. 

I’ve learned to take it, to bear the brunt of the force of their cocks. I’ve learned what I am to them, a set of holes with a heartbeat. I don’t mind. Well, not really. I’m used to being used. My daddy used me. My uncles used me. Most of the men I’ve trusted have ended up using me as a cum dumpster.

“You’re beautiful,” they all told me, and I believed them. But once they got their cocks in my asshole they didn’t tell me I was beautiful anymore. 

“You’re pathetic,” they’d say instead, and they are pretty much correct. I mean, I let guys I barely know bang out my asshole as hard as they want. In fact, I beg them to do it. I try to find the meanest, most fucked up guys to do my dirty work. I need to be brutalized. I need it to fucking hurt. I need to get my ass fucked so deep and so hard that the burn in my ass matches the burn in my heart. No one will ever love me. I’m too fucked up. Taking strangers’ cocks in my ass is the closest thing to love that I will ever know. 

So I take it like a slut right in the fucking shitter. 

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Do me like that

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Artgerechte Haltung

September 01 2017

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Teach her how to suck your cock.

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Das sieht gut aus

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Play ball!!! 😁

Mmm. So stuffed

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August 31 2017

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August 06 2017

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August 04 2017

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