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July 11 2017

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July 10 2017

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Wrapping up the day at SFII, the Painpig is rewarded for her good performance today with a treat as she is Isolated and Incarcerated for the night: a pair of metal plugs for her … no stim or electro, but still …

Love the plugs

Geile Vorrichtung…

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July 09 2017

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Looks delicious

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Grazie mio signore.

Dopo essere stata eccitata dalle cinque di questo pomeriggio, stasera finalmente il mio Master ha deciso di darmi piacere.

Non vedevo l'ora. Mi ha concesso di leccare e succhiare il suo bellissimo pene.
Per aumentare la mia eccitazione, il mio Padrone ha anche utilizzato una pompetta sulla mia vagina.

È stato meraviglioso e decisamente eccitante.

Grazie, mio Padrone.

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More hardcore bondage porn @ Stripped & Strangled

July 02 2017

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Make all fucking cunts drink piss!!

Personal 24/7, 365 female slave being sought currently see the top of this blog for details of this slave position.

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July 01 2017

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We need to clean that filthy pussy slut

Ein Traum 😍😍

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Fuck me in the ass cause I love Jesus (18+, leave caption)

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June 30 2017

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Happy Friday!

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